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The RotorX Atom V3 Pro is now available!

Just when you thought the RotorX Atom V2 couldn’t get any more awesome, along comes the V3 Pro edition. Powered by the ultra powerful RotorX RX1406 motors and RotorX RX3040T propellers, this Atom is snappin’ necks and cashin’ checks! This machine may look small, but it punches holes in the sky! Just be careful indoors, or it might punch holes in your ceiling…

RotorX Atom V3 DIY kit can be assembled in under 30 minutes. It has only 12 solder points and comes pre-flashed with the latest tune from our RotorX team pilots. The DIY kit is the perfect solution for someone who wants a high-performance micro racing drone, but doesn’t yet have the experience building their own custom set-ups.

RotorX are a group of pilots who are instrumental in the explosion of micro racing drones. We are the guys who brought you the original high-performance RotorX RX1104 brushless motor and RotorX RX3020 propeller. Both were revolutionary at the time and gave drone racers the opportunity to build sub-150mm racing quads whilst keeping the high power to weight ratio we enjoy with drones 2-3 times their size.

We teamed up with Team BlackSheep to create the electronics for the RotorX Atom V2 Pro. TBS are market leaders in FPV drone electronics, from their humble beginnings flying long range, “controversial” wing flights; to developing the massively popular TBS Powercube and Vendetta.

We first updated and improved the hugely successful RotorX Atom V1 frame, and designed a translucent polycarbonate canopy. We then powered the set-up with the new RXCube, a 3 layer, 35mm electronics stack, based off the TBS Powercube. To fully exploit the RXcubes potential, we coupled it with RotorX’s high-performance brushless motors and prop combination.

The RotorX Atom V3 is a collaboration between two companies who when broken down, are just a group of pilots, with two different skill sets, coming together to bring to the world what we consider to be the ultimate in high-performance micro fun!

Hope you have as blast flying it!


  • LED bar which is set to change colour depending on your video channel
  • On Screen Display – Allows you to view vital stats whilst in flight
  • Ability to change Video channel through OSD menu
  • Smooth and locked-in tune – Thanks Magnus from TBS and our RotorX team pilots
  • Industry leading electronics from TBS and Highest performing drivetrain from RotorX
  • Best fun you will have with your pants on…

In the kit (unassembled):

  • RotorX Atom V3 Frame
  • Polycarbonate canopy (random colour)
  • RXcube – Colibri RC v2.0, TBS 20a 2in1 ESC x2, FPVision Layer
  • Triumph Antenna and ufl Pig Tail
  • TBS Whip Antenna
  • FPV camera – 600TVL, PAL, CMOS
  • Camera mounts x 3 (15,30,45 degree)
  • Hardware bag
  • RX1406 – High-performance brushless motors
  • Bag of RX3040T props x 1 (2xCW,2xCCW)
  • Don’t forget to buy extra props!

Also included is a FREE set of Atom Armor to protect your new racing drone from crashes!  You can specify your desired color in your order comments.  Choices are black, green, blue, or orange.



Wanna save some dough?  Check out our RotorX Atom “Genix Edition” kits!  


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