RotorX Atom “Genix Edition” Kit

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Frame thickness *

Choose 2.5mm for RX1105 motors, and either 2.5mm or 3mm for RX1306 motors. Thicker is more durable but adds more weight.

Motors *

ESCs *

Flight Controller *

Kit will include Genix “Atom” PDB with Naze32, and “Hornet” PDB with X-Racer F303

FPV Video Transmitter *


FPV Video Transmitter Antenna *

FPV Camera *

Aluminum Standoff Color *

Unbreakable Atom Armor Color *

Build it for me

We will fully assemble your quad. You will need to attach your receiver and configure with Cleanflight/Betaflight.



The RotorX Atom is an incredible micro racing drone.  The main differences between these kits and the RotorX V2/V3 kits are the lack of a canopy, and the ability to use non-proprietary electronics.  Our Genix Edition kits rival the performance of the V2/V3 kits, are less expensive, and parts are easier to source and replace.  This kit is much easier to assemble than the original V1 kits, but slightly more challenging than the V2/V3 kits.

RotorX Atom frames paired with a Genix PDB, free custom extended hardware kits, and free Genix Atom Armor!  The PDB and hardware kits give you the room you need for a super clean build.  Fitting your video transmitter and radio receiver are no longer a problem.

All kits include:

  • RotorX RX122 Atom Frame with original hardware
  • RotorX Motors
  • Flight controller (Naze32 or X-racer F303)
  • Genix Atom PDB or Genix Hornet PDB with 1A Pololu Regulator
  • Free set of props
  • Free “Genix Edition” aluminum/steel hardware kit
  • Free Unbreakable Atom Armor
  • Free battery strap
  • Free black XT30 connector
  • Free JST pigtail connector

About the RotorX Atom motors:

RX1105:  Choose these for a very lightweight and almost indestructible quad that is perfect for new pilots, or fliers who don’t want to spend a lot of time and money replacing props.  Uses RX3020 props or RX3025 props.  4000kv.

RX1105B:  The same size as the RX1105, but is capable of spinning the RX3020 props faster, which means more thrust for a very fast, lightweight quad with props that are very durable and cheap to replace.

RX1306:  These are larger than the 1105 series, and with the right 3S battery, they make for a quad that might as well be a ROCKET.  If you want a micro quad that will rival larger quads spinning bigger props, this is your choice.  Recommended 3S battery with high discharge (C rating).  Use with RX3040T props.

1 review for RotorX Atom “Genix Edition” Kit

  1. Peter (verified owner)

    When I purchased this kit I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Usually when you get a preassembled kit, you can expect that it has been hurried through and when you receive it you can see some of the mistakes that were made. When I received this kit my first impression was how well it was put together. After taking a closer look I was really impressed with the craftsmanship that went into it. Also what impressed me was that the guy assembling it took the time to contact me to let me know it was ready and asked me if there was anything else that I might need or want. I’ve not gotten that anywhere else that I’ve bought preassembled quads? The only thing you have to when you receive this quad is wire up your camera and vtx and add your antenna and receiver. I would highly recommend this kit as well as this vendor for anything else you could want for this type of quad. Many thanks for a quality build and product.

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