Angled Camera Mount Set


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A set of 3 angled camera mounts designed for the RotorX Atom.  Use an M3 screw to secure the mount to your frame.  The hole is already in your frame, and there is a hole in the bottom of each mount to accept the screw.  The camera is held securely and conveniently by press-fit.  It is possible to change the mount without removing the top plate or front standoffs.

This is a 3D printed product, and some flashing or excess material may be present, but can be removed easily with a file, sandpaper, or razor.

Includes: 15 degree mount, 20 degree mount, and 25 degree mount

Each mount weighs 1.0g

Download .stl files (non-commercial use)


Back orders:  Please allow up to 2 business day lead-time for out of stock 3D printed items. 

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