Genix PDB “Phoenix”

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Does not include 5V regulator.  See related products below for Pololu 5V regulator.

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Create a super clean and modular build.  The socketed connections allow for an easy build and tear-downs for cleaning, inspection, or equipment changes.  There is room between the PDB and Naze32 to fit other equipment such as receiver or Blackbox.

-Designed for Naze32 Rev6, also suitable for Rev5 (see build note below)
-Ultra-clean power via L-C filter
-5V Pololu regulator header (fits up to 1A version)
-Naze32 socket headers
-ESC signal traces and pads
-Buzzer for low-voltage warning and lost-model locator
-FPV equipment power pads: 5V and L-C filtered battery
-Suitable for 4 x 20A power draw
-2oz copper, 4 layer board

Weight: 6.1g including headers and buzzer

5V Regulator Info

Does not include 5V regulator.  See related products below for Pololu 5V regulator.  Pinout for regulator connection on the Genix PDB, from left to right: not connected, not connected, VIN, GND, 5V.

Please note that the SHDN pin function varies between Pololu 5V regulators:

  • Pololu D24V5F5 500mA (0J7990):  This is the one we carry.  It does not need any special consideration.  Simply solder it to the Genix PCB header.
  • Pololu D24V6F5 600mA (0J7034):  This one is common with other stores.  It requires that the SHDN pin be connected to the VIN pin for proper function.  Use the solder jumper on the PDB to connect SHDN to VIN.  
  • Pololu D24V10F5 1A (0J8557):  This is the one included with the RotorX Atom kits. It does not need any special consideration.  Simply solder it to the Genix PCB header.

Build tips:

  • Cut pins flush with board before soldering to maximize clearance between board and frame.  This is useful for fitting a battery strap.
  • Check your spacing before soldering male pins to flight controller.  Pins can be adjusted in the plastic strip or removed from the strip.
  • To customize heights between PDB and Naze32, consider removing male pins from the plastic strip and inserting into the female headers.  Then add your standoffs, and place the flight controller, then solder the male pins to the flight controller.  Clip excess pin length from top side of Naze32.


Naze32 Rev 5

For Naze32 Rev5: the PDB should be oriented as shown in this picture. Notice that the ESC signal pads are numbered incorrectly in this orientation. You have two options:

Option 1 (the easy way): Solder the ESC signal wires to the correct motor numbered pad. This will not be the closest pad to the ESC. This option is NOT shown in this picture.

Option 2 (the cleanest way): Solder to the closest pad (like this picture) and then use a mmix in Cleanflight 1.10+ to correctly route the signals:

mixer custom
mmix reset
mmix 0 1 1 1 1
mmix 1 1 -1 1 -1
mmix 2 1 1 -1 -1
mmix 3 1 -1 -1 1

Adjust your board yaw in Cleanflight, and test safely.

Naze32 Rev6

No special consideration is necessary for rev 6.  Simply install PDB with the large header block near the front of your quad, and solder ESC signal wires to the closest signal pads.


Connection Diagram


Diagram courtesy of Antigravity Racing who use our Phoenix PDB in their awesome Silpheed mini quad.


Additional information


No regulator needed, Pololu 5V 500mA

3 reviews for Genix PDB “Phoenix”

  1. ruffian (verified owner)

    This board is really great! I don’t bother with an OSD (had my share of issues with minimOSD, and I use in-flight PID adjustments), so the buzzer is appreciated (and you want this if you are ever flying over brush or long grass for finding your quad). Clean power for my FPV gear, and the Naze headers are cherry! So nice being able to remove the FC and not having a rats nest of wires!

  2. Trevor (verified owner)

    I like this board. It makes for a very clean install. I did however have a great deal of trouble pulling my Naze off of the pdb after soldering the pins in place. I am going for a very compact build, so there was no gap between the pin headers on the pdb and the Naze. So overall, very happy with the board. Just a word of warning to others that use this product. Put something between the boards before soldering the pins. Maybe wax paper? Or make sure there is a small gap. As it looks like the heat from soldering kind of glued them together. And I was very fast with my iron.

  3. Alexandru (verified owner)

    I love this product, I use it on a Atom 122mm, an Alien 5″ and a Moka Berserker 210, It really like the new soldering pads, however I wish it had the two leds that are available with the Genix PDB.

    Also it would be nice to also have an integrated BEC or at least a 12V output. someway, since all the new PDB’s seem to have those options.

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