Genix “Hornet” PDB (for X-Racer F303 v3)

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We highly recommend that you follow the build guide below to ensure correct alignment of the header pins and standoff holes.

Designed exclusivley for the X-Racer F303 flight controller.  Create a super clean and modular build.  The socketed connections allow for an easy build and tear-downs for cleaning, inspection, or equipment changes.


  • Hornet PDB
  • Male header pins for flight controller
  • Female sockets for PDB
  • Buzzer
  • Mounting hardware kit: 4 x M3 screws, 6mm female-female spacer, 6mm female-male spacer, 8 x M3 nylon nuts.
  • Does not include 5V Pololu regulator.  Please add to your order if you do not have already.


  • Ultra-clean power via L-C filter
  • 5V Pololu regulator header (fits up to 1A version)
  • X-Racer F303 v3 socket headers
  • ESC signal traces and pads
  • Buzzer for low-voltage warning and lost-model locator
  • FPV equipment power pads: 5V and L-C filtered battery
  • Suitable for 4 x 20A power draw
  • 2S-4S
  • 2oz copper, 4 layer board
  • 2 x Super bright LED tail lights

Build guide:

  1. Cut female header pins flush with board before soldering to maximize clearance between board and frame.  This is useful for fitting a battery strap.
  2. Solder the Pololu regulator in place, but do not position the plastic header strip between the boards as this will not provide enough clearance for the flight controller.  The back of the regulator should be flush with the PDB.  Add a layer of electrical tape between the Pololu and the PDB.
  3. Install the PDB to your frame with the included hardware.  From the bottom, the order should be: steel screw, frame, nylon nut, PDB, nylon 6mm standoff.
  4. Remove the male header pins from the plastic strip, and insert into the female headers where needed (only one set of ground and 5V pins are needed on the large header block).
  5. Install the flight controller, positioning the pins through the holes in the flight controller.  Install a nylon nut on the metal screws to secure the flight controller in place.
  6. Solder and trim the flight controller pins to length.
  7. The tricky part is done.
  8. Remove the flight controller, tin the remaining pads, and solder your ESCs, ESC signal wires, and FPV gear to the PDB.

Weight: 6.1g including headers and buzzer


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