Atom Ultimate Accessory Kit

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Everything you need to make your Atom…. ultimate!  All of our products designed for the RotorX Atom are included in this kit:

1 x Genix Atom PDB 
1 x Pololu 5V 1A regulator
1 x Flexible Atom Armor Set
1 x Angled Camera Mount Set
1 x Atom PDB Installation Kit
1 x Atom Decal

Purchasing all of these items separately would cost $59.00

June 28, 2016: New and improved Atom Armor! Based on feedback, we’ve tweaked the design and are now making these with NinjaFlex Semi-Flex material. They are unbreakable and stay on better!

5 reviews for Atom Ultimate Accessory Kit

  1. Isaac (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this kit.
    -The board appears to be a great quality board and the Pololu set perfect in its spot. All the soldering pads are situated nicely and easy to access. The rear LEDS “help” with LOS orientation. Easier to see in lower light though.
    – I absolutely love the socketed connections which makes for quick disassemble if needed. *Note* mock everything up before soldering the connections. Before I soldered the pins I checked for clearance by pushing the pins into the socket and stacking the boards the way they should go and the Rev 6 wouldn’t fit properly (for my particular pieces). I’m glad I took that extra step to do so because I had to modify the nylon stands to fit. Luckily for me, I had a nylon assortment kit from a pervious build and was able to finish my Atom build.
    -I Still utilized the little washers provided in this Ultimate Kit to line everything up and they work excellent to give clearance from the PDB and the bottom carbon plate. Of course I trimmed all the pins to make sure they made no contact with the carbon bottom plate. The washers also allow a velcro strap to fit without any problems. I love those little washers.
    -The beeper works great and had 0 problems soldering it in and its clearance is no problem what-so-ever. I’ve already used it to locate my Atom in a small field when my rates were to low to do a roll in the time needed (no damage to anything). The beeper was loud enough to easily pinpoint its location.
    -The 3D printed pieces… Well if you’ve seen or messed with 3D printed parts, there is 3D printed parts and then there is 3D printed parts, I think you should know what to expect. These need some clean up work to finish them up and install them but overall the Atom Armor kit fit my 3mm main plate. I did not use any parts yet because I was too eager to get this dragonfly in the air. The camera mounts do not serve my needs because I have a completely different camera than what works with the 3D printed mount. But for the camera they are designed for they should work just fine.
    -The sticker stuck. Not really much on that.

    In the end chose the ultimate kit for the value. Shipping and packing was adequate and arrived in Texas in the time I felt was fair, no complaints there. I sent a few emails back-and-forth about the build process and the response was very quick and explained everything I needed to know so +++. Thanks!

    Overall: I would recommend this Kit to anyone building an Atom 122 or if you just wanted the PDB it’s a great board and I am very happy with it. While a small print out of instructions/digram would have been handy, and sure there are a few parts I won’t find use for, and yes I had to slightly modify my build from the supplied pieces, the overall customer experience was excellent and if in the future, I need another PDB I would definitely purchase another Genix Atom PDB.

    Side note:
    A reviwer made a comment about the lack of a digram when you receive the PDB and I agree that would be helpful but if you check out the Phoenix PDB there is a diagram that is *almost* identical and spells it out for both the PDB and Rev 6 FC. Also, as a reviewer pointed out on the Phoenix PDB I also opted not to use an OSD and I’m thinking it made things much easier.

  2. colin (verified owner)

    Nice piece of kit.

  3. David (verified owner)

    The kit is necessary to keep the build nice and neat. Everything worked well except for the 3D printed protector parts. The plastic is weak and broke after my first crash.

  4. Delbert (verified owner)

    It’s a nice kit but my 3d printing parts was stuck two the the pieces and there’s a few inventions in the motor cover parts but other than that nice little kit

  5. Michael (verified owner)

    Excellent piece of kit, it makes the Atom build considerably easier and it’s so much more convenient if you need to get to anything. The first Atom that I built was a real PITA to repair. After a hard crash one of the small wires would sometimes break just past the solder. With all of the motor wires under the Naze and everything soldered up it was very difficult or impossible to access without removing some of the wires first. This is also lighter, the daisy chain of power wires weighed more. The camera mount and bumpers are a nice touch as well.

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