UNBREAKABLE RotorX Atom Armor (for all frame versions)

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Atom Armor protects your RotorX Atom frame from direct impacts and road rash!  All parts secure to your frame with your pre-existing motor/standoff screws.  Weight addition is minimal for an incredible amount of protection in all the right places.

Suit up!

V1 package includes 4 boots, 1 nose guard, and 2 top plate bumpers.
V2 package includes 4 boots and 1 nose guard.

Boots and nose guard are identical between v1 and v2 packs.  Boots weigh 0.8g each.  Nose guard weighs 1.0g


Sept 10, 2016: V2 Now shipping!  Greatly improved print quality (no stringing, all parts are individual).  Printed in INDESTRUCTABLE Ninjaflex Semiflex.  

June 28, 2016: New and improved!  Based on feedback, we’ve tweaked the design and are now making these with NinjaFlex Semi-Flex material.  They are unbreakable and stay on better!  

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Black, Orange, Green, Blue

Frame version

v1, v2, v3