Aomway 5.8GHz Raceband vTX (25/200mW) 40ch with RC Channel Selection


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  • Frequency: 5.8G wide-band FM video/audio Tx
  • Power: 25/200mW 12V, 80mA/180mA
  • PWM channel selection
  • Channels: 40 channels, audio video sync
  • Weight: 6g without antenna
  • PAL/NTSC supported
  • Stereo audio: L/R audio channel
  • Input Voltage: DC7-28v
  • Antenna connector: SMA antenna

Power Selection

This new version has output power selection either 25mW or 200mW.  You can select power by moving a small resistor (see image below).   Our current stock is pre-configured for 200mW.  If you would like us to change this for you, just make a note on your order and we can change it to the low-power configuration for you.  No extra charge.


RC Channel Selection

This is a super cool feature that will allow you to change frequencies with your RC transmitter.  Perfect for races when your vTX isn’t easily accessible.  Just wire a channel from your RC receiver to the PWM pin on the vTX.  See the manual below for more information.

User Manual