Acro Naze32 rev6 Flight Controller

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This is the authentic Naze32 Acro from Abusemark.

  • STM32F103CBT6 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 processor (72MHz, 3.3V)
  • Invensense MPU6500 MEMS accelerometer + gyro
  • BMP280 low-resolution baro for altitude logging, etc
  • Built-in Micro-USB for programming/firmware update
  • 36x36mm size, ~5 gram weight w/o headers
  • Made in JAPAN by Abusemark
  • Since 08/10/2014, these are shipping with 16V input capable voltage regulators
These come with right angle headers, NOT soldered to the board.
Included: AcroNaze32 rev6, 2×5 right angle header, 3×6 right angle header, 1×10 right angle header.
Configuration software – Chrome Baseflight Configurator (preferred)